ARIKA GmbH Company was registered in 2012 with the registration number 28871 in Nuremberg, Germany, and obtained a representation from universities and institutes in Germany and in cooperation with German lawyers works in the field of registration of companies in Germany, obtaining visa types and residence permits, consultation for small and medium companies and startup investment and now offer a range of residential services tailored to their clients’ needs
.The company is a member of the Chamber of Commerce of Iran and Germany, as well as the Nuremberg Chamber of Commerce

.This company has branches in Tehran which are located on Pasdaran Ave. and Bokharest Ave
:The most important services of Arika Group
Study abroad consultation –
Applying admission of universities, language courses, boarding schools and technical and vocational adaptation courses –
Residence consultation –
.Company registration in Germany and opening of bank accounts under the name of the Iranian owner –
Designing business plans and obtaining approval from German state-related organizations –
…Advice and support services such as apartment rent, office, secretary services, visa renewal, insurance, driving license, etc –
.Holding joint workshops in cooperation with reputable universities –
. Job finding in Germany for the specialists –
.Coordination for the visiting specialized exhibitions, industries or factories –

We consider our partners and customers’ trust, satisfaction and success as the most important mission, with the support of a team of international professionals and lawyers, and the provision of consistently high quality and unique services

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