Increasing the age of the population and the number of retirees on the one hand, and its economic and industrial development programs, on the other hand, have caused Germany to face a serious challenge due to a shortage of specialized workforce. This condition makes Germany one of the largest and most attractive labor markets in the world. To address this challenge, the German government has legislated a host of facilitating rules for recruiting foreign specialists, so that foreign professionals, who are fluent in German and following the legal directions, can take advantage of this valuable opportunity to work and live in Germany.

ARIKA Group, as the exclusive representative of the WULARU job placement agency, utilizing the capabilities of the “Office of Support and Guidance of Iranian Workers in Germany” (with the international job placement permit from the ministry of cooperatives labors and social welfare) provides exclusive services for German employment and education enthusiasts. These services include:

Career counseling

One of the main issues for job seekers and specialists to enter the German labor market is the lack of knowledge of the real needs of the market and the skills required to get a job. Accordingly, ARIKA’s specialists, having mastered the requirements for employment in Germany, will accompany the job seekers with providing expert advice with regard to the introducing job opportunities and adapting the esteemed applicant’s current skills or acquiring new skills and competencies to take advantage of these opportunities.

2-2-2 Writing and standardization of CVs

One of the reasons that German employers do not pay attention or invite the applicants to a job interview is the lack of compliance of CVs and cover letters with German standards and requirements. These challenges become more serious when we realize that each CV must be tailored particularly and sent separately for each job opportunity.

ARIKA’s experts have considered this concern. Accordingly, based on the information obtained from the applicant and in accordance with the requirements of each job position, customize the resume and put it in the database of employment and also submit it to German companies and follow up with the employers to set up job interviews.

2-2-3 Job Placement

Our expertise and operational capacity gained through representation and cooperation with employers and human resources companies in Germany provide ARIKA with adequate knowledge of recognizing job opportunities in German market through direct interaction with employers and companies and paves the way for targeted submission of the CVs and setting up interview appointments for the esteemed applicants. For applicants who live abroad, these appointments will be made via video conferencing, Skype, or Zoomit.

One of ARIKA’s essential services is giving feedback to job seekers who are not successful in their job interview. In this case, ARIKA consultants will provide the necessary advice to the applicant in order to address their weaknesses, the groundwork of the next interviews and increase the chance of success. Obviously, after the success of the interviewer, all necessary follow-up is done, and the contract is handed over to the applicant by ARIKA. In this way, we ensure that the applicant will have peace of mind with regard to having a proper job before traveling to Germany.

Counseling for the ‘Work Visa’

After the success of the applicant in the job interview and getting a contract, the key point is the timely presence and starting the work in the German company. Failure to act on time and non-familiarity with existing procedures for obtaining a visa can result in failure to obtain a job. The ARIKA Group, with years of experience in visa counselling services (based on fully legal procedures) and with the close collaboration with expert lawyers in Germany, is prepared to provide applicants with visa application services.

Consultancy for the ‘Job-seeking Visa’

One of the facilities provided by Germany for the specialist workforce is issuing a six-month job-seeking visa. This visa will help professionals who, in addition to having German language proficiency, are fully confident in their academic and professional qualifications will be able to seek their desired job in Germany. Since the visa is limited, if the worker does not succeed in finding a suitable job, it will only waste time and expenses for traveling and staying in Germany, ARIKA’s consultants provide an evaluation of the general and specialized conditions of applicants for obtaining a job seeking visa application for qualified job seekers.