Germany as the European technology hub and the fourth largest economy in the world has always been noteworthy for applicants of education and training. The remarkable scientific and industrial environment along with the benefits of the work and living provided to the graduates and students has made Germany attractive to its graduates and students. Among the advantages of studying in Germany are:

  • Having the privileged academic staff and professors in all universities
  • Affordable tuition compared to other similar countries
  • The possibility of applying scholarships and financing opportunities
  • Adequate living expenses which can be covered even through student work
  • High levels of security and social well-being
  • Job seeking visa opportunity (18 months) after graduation
  • Full-time job permit for the applicant’s spouse
  • Part-time job opportunities during the study (ARIKA provides special services for introducing part-time and student job opportunities to the esteemed clients)
  • In the case of full-time employment and payment of insurance, tax and retirement in accordance with the criteria, the applicants have the opportunity to apply for permanent residence for themselves and accompanying person, two years after graduation.
  • The very low unemployment rate in Germany and the high demand for the labor force, which significantly increases the chance of finding jobs for fluent German speakers. (ARIKA provides special services in the field of empowerment, job placement and recruitment).

Admission for MBA

According to the German governmental program with regard to the development of start-ups and small to medium-sized enterprises, the demand for MBA, in addition to unique job opportunities for graduates, is increasing.

For this reason, ARIKA, as the representative of some accredited universities in Germany, has provided a coherent program for admission and providing business counseling and job placement services for enthusiasts.

In addition to the benefits of studying in Germany which was mentioned previously, other benefits of studying at mentioned universities include:

  • Credibility and distinguished academic position of universities
  • The high quality of education is due to the use of professors who are in close contact with the German industry
  • The close relation of universities to the industries and the orientation of courses to the real needs of the market
  • No requirement for GRE and GMAT score
  • No age limitations for admission
  • Admission from all majors
  • Admission with IELTS General score of 6
  • A variety of job opportunities for graduates of Business fields, if they are fluent in German

College admission and boarding schools

According to educational system in Germany, students who are interested in undergraduate study in Germany must attend college courses in this country. ARIKA as the representative of some accredited and reputable colleges and boarding schools in Germany, along with the application for visas and admission, provides the opportunity for attending credible foreign languages schools ​​(to study German) and then to continue college and enter to the German universities for this group of applicants.

Some of the most important characteristics of this education method are:

  • No requirement for attending the college entrance exam
  • Familiarity with German culture which is one of the critical points for successful study, residence and employment in Germany.
  • Proficiency in the German language as a key success factor for finding a proper job after graduation.
  • Enjoy the opportunity to pursue higher education at government universities of Germany

In this way, applicants can apply for degree courses to pursue their studies in Germany after getting the high school diploma or even in the final years of high school.

Value Added Services

 Student Visa Consultancy

One of the main concerns of those who are interested in continuing education in Germany is the timely availability of visa and attending college. Failure to act timely and sometimes not being familiar with the procedures available for successful attendance in interview sessions, along with the lack of knowledge of the relevant administrative procedures, could lead to rejection of the application for a visa for the applicant. ARIKA Group, with the cooperation of experienced lawyers in Germany, is prepared to provide students with student visa counseling.

Accommodation consultancy

Bearing in mind the high cost of living at the Hotel, Hostel or other temporary accommodation, many students prefer to select and rent a place in advance based upon their requirements.  Consequently, they can engage in academic activities comfortably and without having concerns with regard to accommodation (which is considered one of the major concerns in major cities and student cities). For this reason, ARIKA is willing and able to provide the accommodation services at a reasonable cost.

-General guidance and counseling for socializing and living in Germany (during the first month of residence)

Living in a foreign country, at the beginning has a series of challenges due to the distance from family and friends, as well as lack of familiarity with the culture, laws and regulations of the country. Sometimes this lack of knowledge can lead to an increase in time and cost of providing required services. Accordingly, students who use ARIKA services will benefit from advice and guidance from our experts in the first month of their stay in order to adapt to the new conditions and become familiar with the culture, lifestyle and public services in Germany.