College admission and boarding schools

According to educational system in Germany, students who are interested in undergraduate study in Germany must attend college courses in this country. ARIKA as the representative of some accredited and reputable colleges and boarding schools in Germany, along with the application for visas and admission, provides the opportunity for attending credible foreign languages schools ​​(to study German) and then to continue college and enter to the German universities for this group of applicants.

Some of the most important characteristics of this education method are:

  • No requirement for attending the college entrance exam
  • Familiarity with German culture which is one of the critical points for successful study, residence and employment in Germany.
  • Proficiency in the German language as a key success factor for finding a proper job after graduation.
  • Enjoy the opportunity to pursue higher education at government universities of Germany

In this way, applicants can apply for degree courses to pursue their studies in Germany after getting the high school diploma or even in the final years of high school.