Company registration and business consulting

Germany, as the largest economy in Europe and the fourth-largest economy in the world, has always been the focus of economic activists for investment, corporate registration and business start-ups. The major benefits of registering companies in Germany include:

  • Ability to obtain German residence for the applicant, spouse and children under the age of 18
  • No requirement for a German partner
  • Opening Bank accounts
  • Possibility to get a low-interest bank loan
  • Opportunity to open letter of credit (LC)
  • Possibility to participate in international bids and tenders
  • Benefiting from facilities of GmbH companies
  • No age limit for the founder
  • No need for proficiency in the German language
  • Production under German company’s license
  • Possibilities of using existing capacities in an open economy for free cooperation and economic exchanges with other countries

In addition to the advantages of corporate registration and economic presence in Germany, it should not be ignored that the most important key points for the start and success of business in each country are the familiarity with business opportunities, community culture, business laws and regulations, financial and banking mechanisms, as well as support mechanisms in that country.

Unfortunately, many economic activists who are interested in founding a business in Germany, have no sufficient knowledge and experience of the mentioned issues. Moreover, the lack of hiring experienced consultants to formulate a realistic business plan, causing them to waste time and money and in many cases they fail to meet the business targets or take advantage of the legal aspects of registering a company in Germany, such as the possibility of permanent residence or the use of financial or legal facilities.

To overcome this challenge, ARIKA Group, with many years of successful economic activities in Germany, and knowledge of the laws and economic capacities in the country is committed to utilizing experienced advisers and lawyers in Germany to provide a diverse range of consulting services in the field of corporate registration and business development in Germany as follows: 

  • Preparing and registering a business plan
  • Company registration
  • Opening a bank account
  • Advice for obtaining a banking facility
  • Visa services for the applicant and his / her family
  • Accommodation counseling services
  • Counseling for getting German Residence Permit
  • Financial and tax consultancy services
  • Providing Virtual Office Services in Germany
  • Providing business matchmaking services