Our expertise and operational capacity gained through representation and cooperation with employers and human resources companies in Germany provide ARIKA with adequate knowledge of recognizing job opportunities in German market through direct interaction with employers and companies and paves the way for targeted submission of the CVs and setting up interview appointments for the esteemed applicants. For applicants who live abroad, these appointments will be made via video conferencing, Skype, or Zoomit.

One of ARIKA’s essential services is giving feedback to job seekers who are not successful in their job interview. In this case, ARIKA consultants will provide the necessary advice to the applicant in order to address their weaknesses, the groundwork of the next interviews and increase the chance of success. Obviously, after the success of the interviewer, all necessary follow-up is done, and the contract is handed over to the applicant by ARIKA. In this way, we ensure that the applicant will have peace of mind with regard to having a proper job before traveling to Germany.