According to the German governmental program with regard to the development of start-ups and small to medium-sized enterprises, the demand for MBA, in addition to unique job opportunities for graduates, is increasing.

For this reason, ARIKA, as the representative of some accredited universities in Germany, has provided a coherent program for admission and providing business counseling and job placement services for enthusiasts.

In addition to the benefits of studying in Germany which was mentioned previously, other benefits of studying at mentioned universities include:

  • Credibility and distinguished academic position of universities
  • The high quality of education is due to the use of professors who are in close contact with the German industry
  • The close relation of universities to the industries and the orientation of courses to the real needs of the market
  • No requirement for GRE and GMAT score
  • No age limitations for admission
  • Admission from all majors
  • Admission with IELTS General score of 6
  • A variety of job opportunities for graduates of Business fields, if they are fluent in German