Germany as the European technology hub and the fourth largest economy in the world has always been noteworthy for applicants of education and training. The remarkable scientific and industrial environment along with the benefits of the work and living provided to the graduates and students has made Germany attractive to its graduates and students. Among the advantages of studying in Germany are:

  • Having the privileged academic staff and professors in all universities
  • Affordable tuitions compared to other similar countries
  • The possibility of applying scholarships and financing opportunities
  • Adequate living expenses which can be covered even through student work
  • High levels of security and social well-being
  • Job seeking visa opportunity (18 months) after graduation
  • Full-time job permit for the applicant’s spouse
  • Part-time job opportunities during the study (ARIKA provides special services for introducing part-time and student job opportunities to the esteemed clients)
  • In the case of full-time employment and payment of insurance, tax and retirement in accordance with the criteria, the applicants have the opportunity to apply for permanent residence for themselves and accompanying person, two years after graduation.

The very low unemployment rate in Germany and the high demand for the labor force, which significantly increases the chance of finding jobs for fluent German speakers. (ARIKA provides special services in the field of empowerment, job placement and recruitment).


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