ARIKA GROUP’s primary core was formed in 2009 with the establishment of ARIKA CO. in Tehran and on 2012 in Nuremberg, Germany. The company activities were initiated by providing business consulting services, later on and in line with development of meaningful relations with active and reputable German organizations, Arika was granted the authority to represent several credible universities and colleges of this country. along with the economic activities ARIKA Co. having established branches in Germany and Oman, namely ARIKA GmbH and ARIKA international, and after obtaining the required permits from the competent authorities, initiated its official activities in the field of student dispatch, Company registration, and job placement Successful experiences of ARIKA group in the fields of company registration, student dispatch, business consulting services and unique scientific and executive potentials of the group, paved the way for being granted the authority of international job placement permit by ministry of cooperatives labor and social welfare to establish and take the responsibility of “Office of Support and Guidance of Iranian Workers in Germany” in order to support Iranian work force.

ARIKA Services

Arika representing credible universities and job placement organization of Germany and having close contact with professional German law firms, offers a wide range of services in the fields of: job placement, student dispatch, visa services, residence permits, training, Investment consulting and establishing small to medium sized businesses in Germany, Oman and Iran for the esteemed clients.

2-1 Student Dispatch

Germany as the European Technology hub and the fourth largest economy in the world, has always been of interest for academics and training. The remarkable scientific and industrial environment along with the benefits of the work and living provided to the graduates and students has made Germany attractive to its graduates and students. Among the advantages of studying in Germany are:

  • Having the privileged academic staff and professors in all universities
    • Suitable university tuitions compared to other similar countries
    • Suitable living expenses which can be covered even through student work
    • High levels of security and social well-being
    • job seeker visa opportunity (18 months) after graduation
    • Full-time job for the applicant’s spouse
    • part-time job opportunities during study (ARIKA provides special services for introducing part-time and student job opportunities to the esteemed clients)
    • in the case of full-time employment and payment of insurance, tax and retirement in accordance with the criteria, the applicants have the opportunity to apply for permanent residence for themselves and accompanying person, two years after graduation.
    • very low unemployment rate in Germany and the high demand for labor force, which significantly increases the chance of finding employment for fluent German speakers. (ARIKA provides special services in the field of empowerment, job placement and recruitment).

2-1-1 MBA course Admission

According to the German governmental program with regards to development of start-ups and small to medium sized enterprises, the demand for MBA, in addition to unique job opportunities for graduates, is increasing.
For this reason, ARIKA, having been nominated by a number of accredited universities in Germany, has provided a coherent program for admission and providing business counseling and job placement services for enthusiasts.

In addition to the benefits of studying in Germany which was mentioned previously, other benefits of studying at ARIKA nominated Universities include:
• Accreditation and academic position of universities
• The high quality of education is due to the use of professors who are in close contact with the German industry
• The proximity of universities to the industries and the orientation of courses to the real requirements of the market
• No requirement for GRE and GMAT
• No age limitations in admission
• Admission for all majors
• Admission with IELTS General score of 6
• A variety of job opportunities for graduates of this field if they are fluent in German

2-1-2 College admission and boarding schools

Due to differences in educational system in Iran and Germany, students who are interested in undergraduate study in Germany must attend college courses in German, ARIKA as the representative of a number of accredited and reputable colleges and boarding schools in Germany, along with applying for visas and admission, provides the opportunity for attending valid foreign languages schools (to study German) and then to continue college and enter to the German universities for this group of applicants.
Some of the most important features of continuing this method of education is:
• No requirement for attending college entrance exam
• Familiarity with German culture is one of the key points for successful study, residence and employment in Germany.
• German language proficiency, which in addition to creating the ground work for continuing education is one of the key factors for success in finding good and high-paying jobs after graduation.
• Enjoy the opportunity to pursue higher education at government universities of Germany
In this way, applicants can apply for a graduate course to pursue their studies in Germany after getting the high school diploma or even in the final years of high school.

2-1-3 Student Special Services

– Student Visa
One of the main concerns of those who are interested in continuing education in Germany is the timely availability of visa and attending college. Failure to act timely and sometimes not being familiar with the procedures available for successful attendance in interview sessions, along with the lack of knowledge of the relevant administrative procedures, could lead to rejection of the application for a visa for the applicant. ARIKA Group, having years of successful experience in student visa services (based on fully legal procedures) and with the cooperation of its experienced lawyers in Germany, is prepared to provide students with student visa services.

– Housing advice

Bearing in mind the high cost of accommodation at the Hotel, Hostel or other temporary accommodation, many students prefer to select and rent a place in advance based upon their requirements so that they can engage in academic activities comfortably and without having concerns with regards to accommodation (which is considered one of the major concerns in major cities and student cities). For this reason, ARIKA is willing and able to provide the student housing services at a reasonable cost.

General guidance and counseling for living in Germany (during the first month of residence)
Living in a foreign country, at the beginning has a series of challenges due to distance from family and friends, as well as lack of familiarity with the culture and laws and regulations of the country. Sometimes this lack of knowledge can lead to an increase in the time and cost of providing required services. That being said, students who use ARIKA services will benefit from advice and guidance from our experts in the first month of their stay in order to adapt to the new conditions and become familiar with the style of living and benefiting from public services in Germany.

2-2 Employment and job counseling

Increasing the age of the population and the number of retirees on the one hand, and its economic and industrial development programs, on the other hand, have caused Germany to face a serious challenge due to a shortage of specialized work force, making Germany one of the largest and most attractive labor markets in the world.
To overcome this challenge, the German government has enacted a host of facilitating rules for recruiting foreign specialists, so that foreign professionals, who are fluent in German and following the legal directions, can take advantage of this valuable opportunity to work and live in Germany.

ARIKA Group, as the exclusive representative of the WULARU job placement agency, utilizing the capabilities of the “Office of Support and Guidance of Iranian Workers in Germany” (with the international job placement permit from ministry of cooperatives labor and social welfare) provides exclusive services for German employment and education enthusiasts. These services include:

2-2-1 Job placement counseling

One of the main issues for Iranian jobseekers and specialists to enter the German market is lack of knowledge of the real needs of the market and the skills required to get a job. Accordingly, ARIKA’s specialists, having mastered the requirements for employment in Germany, will accompany the jobseekers with Providing expert advice with regards to the introducing job opportunities and adapting the esteemed applicant’s current skills or acquiring new skills and competencies to take advantage of these opportunities.

2-2-2 writing and standardization of CVs

One of the reasons that German employers do not pay attention or invite the applicants to a job interview, is the lack of compliance of CVs and covert letters with German market standards and requirements. These challenges become more serious when we know each CV must be prepared and sent separately for each job opportunity.
ARIKA’s expert consultants, having taken this concern into consideration and based on the information obtained from the applicant and in accordance with the requirements of each job and the employer’s needs, customize the resume and put it in the database of employment and also submit it to German companies and follow up with the employers in order to set up job interviews.

2-2-3 Job Placement and handling a job contract

The scientific and operational capacity due to obtaining representation and cooperation with employment and human resources companies in Germany provides ARIKA with an adequate knowledge of the employment opportunities available on the German market through direct interaction with employers and companies and paves the way for targeted submission of the CVs and setting up interview appointments for the esteemed applicants. For applicants who live abroad these appointments will be made via video conferencing, Skype, or Zoomit.

ARIKA’s most important service is to give feedback to job seekers who are not successful in their job interview. In this case, ARIKA consultants will provide the necessary advice to the applicant in order to address the weaknesses, the background of the next interview and increase the chance of success of the applicant for the next appointment. Obviously, after the success of the interviewer, all necessary follow-up to the contract is received from the employer and delivered to the worker by ARIKA. In this way we insure that the applicant will have peace of mind with regards to having a proper job before traveling to Germany.

2-2-4 Getting a work visa

After the success of the applicant in the job interview and getting a contract, the key point is the timely presence and start of work in the German company. Failure to act on time and sometimes not familiarity with existing procedures for obtaining a visa can result in failure to obtain a job. The ARIKA Group having years of experience in obtaining visas (based on fully legal procedures) and with the close collaboration with our expert lawyers in Germany, is prepared to provide applicants with a step by step visa application

2-2-5 Job seeking visa

One of the facilities provided by Germany for specialist work force is issuing a six-month job seeking visa. This visa will help professionals who, in addition to having German language proficiency, are fully confident in their academic and professional qualifications, will be able to seek their desired job in Germany. Since the visa is limited, if the worker does not succeed in finding a suitable job, it will only waste time and expenses for traveling and staying in Germany, ARIKA’s consultants provide an evaluation of the general and specialized conditions of applicants for obtaining a job seeking visa application for qualified jobseekers.

2-3 Training and empowerment of human resources

The development of ARIKA’s cooperation with the educational institutions and credible universities of Iran, Oman and Germany on the one hand, and the demand for ARIKA’s presence in the field of training services, on the other hand, has led us to pursue the provision of human resources training and empowerment services. This area of service is presented in the form of the following sections to the respected applicants:

2-3-1 language training

The need for English language proficiency for MBA entrants and other academic levels In Germany, as well as the key role of German language for job seekers or residents, has always been a serious challenge to applicants who wish to work, study or reside in Germany. For this reason, the ARIKA Department of Education, in collaboration with its partner institutions, in addition to providing language training services in Iran, is prepared to dispatch enthusiasts to Turkey or Germany in order to study English or German at the top language training institutions. In this way, applicants can go through valid educational institutions to learn German and use ARIKA’s services in the same country to apply for admission, visas and stay in the country for further study. Other services provided by ARIKA in the field of foreign language training are visa applications for summer language training camps in Turkey and Germany.

2-3-2 Skills training

One of the advantages of Germany is the possibility of job placement and obtaining a work visa for non-academic workforce. this group of applicants must, in addition to German language proficiency, adapt their skills to the same standards and requirements of skills in Germany. For this purpose, ARIKA group has been using the office capacities and the coordination with the country’s technical and vocational training organization in order to develop the esteemed applicant’s required skills for the German market.
2-3-3 Deploying lecturer and specialist to Iran
Creating knowledge and experience with developed countries has always been one of the concerns of ARIKA Group. For this reason, ARIKA not only did pursue the development of its partnerships for the dispatch of workforce or student to Germany, but has always tried to have bilateral collaboration by identifying the capacities and the active companies in the field of science and technology, to dispatch professionals to provide special courses or conferences in order to transfer knowledge and technology to the country.

2-3-4 Training collaboration and holding joint courses

Another service of ARIKA is to create synergy between the German science and education centers with other countries, including Iran and Oman. For this reason, ARIKA has been able to cooperate with a number of accredited teaching institutions and credible German universities to provide academic and non-academic joint courses for enthusiasts. In this way, it is possible that the course will be held fully in the form of E-learning in the country of origin, or part of the course in the country of origin and part in Germany.

2-4 Company registration and business consulting

Germany, being the largest economy in Europe and the fourth-largest economy in the world, has always been the focus of economic activists for investment, corporate registration and business start-ups. The major benefits of registering companies in Germany include:
– Ability to obtain German residence for applicant, spouse and children under the age of 18
– No requirement for a German partner
– Opening Bank accounts
– Possibility to obtain low-interest bank facilities
– Opportunity to open letter of credit (LC)
– Possibility to participate in auctions and international tenders
– Benefiting from facilities of GmbH companies
– No age limit for the founder
– No need for German language
– Production under German company’s license
– Possibilities of using existing capacities in an open economy for free cooperation and economic exchanges with other countries

In addition to the advantages of corporate registration and economic presence in Germany, it should not be ignored that the most important key points for the start and success of business in each country are the business opportunities, community culture, business laws and regulations, financial and banking mechanisms, as well as mechanisms to support business in that country.

Unfortunately, many economic activists who are interested in setting up a business and doing business in Germany, not only lack the knowledge of the mentioned issues, but also lack the experienced consultants and realistic business plan, causing them to not only waste their time and money but in many cases they fail to meet the business targets or take advantage of the legal aspects of registering a company in Germany, such as the possibility of permanent residence or the use of financial or legal facilities.
In order to overcome this challenge, ARIKA Group, with many years of successful economic presence in Germany, and knowledge of the laws and economic capacities in the country, is committed to establishing a consistent relationship with the chambers of commerce and related organizations, in order to benefit from it. The knowledge of its experienced advisers and lawyers in Germany offers a diverse range of consulting services in the field of corporate registration and business development in Germany as follows:

– Preparing and registering a business plan
– Company registration
– Opening a bank account
– Advice for obtaining a banking facility
– Visa Services for the applicant and his / her family
– Housing Services
– German Accommodation Services
– Financial and tax consulting in the field of registration of companies
– Providing Virtual Office Services in Germany
– Providing business matchmaking services to help identify and negotiate business cases with German companies

2-5 Visa and Residence Services

Germany’s prestigious economic position, along with the benefits of study, business and residence in Germany, has dramatically increased the demand for residency and the various fields of business, and study migration to Germany. This has made the process of obtaining a visa even longer and more difficult as the length of the interviewing time in the embassies of the country increases. On the other hand, failure to act on timely manner or not familiarity with existing procedures for obtaining interview sessions and how to attend the embassy’s interviews, in many cases leads to a failure to obtain a visa and impede their timely availability for employment, business start-ups or studying in Germany

In order to solve this problem and assure the applicant, ARIKA Group is prepared to provide its consulting services, with a view to obtaining a residence permit in Germany , for providing a variety of visa services such as education, work, exhibitions and accommodation.