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ARIKA’s primary core was formed in 2009 with the establishment of ARIKA Setareh Asia in Tehran. We initiated our activities by providing consulting services; later on, and in line with the development of collaboration with active and reputable institutions, we were granted the authority to represent several credible universities, colleges, and schools. Along with developing student recruitment and consulting services, ARIKA, having established branches in Germany and Oman, provided the groundwork for developing a global network and close collaboration with several service providers, student recruitment platforms, schools, colleges, and universities.

Our Services

Arika, as a representative and agent of well-known universities having a strategic partnership with several service providers, offers a wide range of services such as school and university admission, language training courses, visa support, career counseling, job placement, residency advice, accommodation support to achieve an excellent customer experience.


University Admission Services

Developed countries with a strong economy and a leading education system have always been noteworthy for education and training applicants.
The unique scientific and industrial environment and the benefits of the working and living provided to the graduates and students have made these countries attractive to its graduates and students. Accordingly, ARIKA delivers high-quality and affordable services in schools’ and universities’ admission besides providing career counseling and job placement services for enthusiasts.

Among the advantages of studying in our partner universities are:

    • Credibility and distinguished academic position of universities
    • Having the privileged academic staff and professors in all universities
    • Affordable tuitions compared to other similar countries
    • The possibility of applying for scholarships and financing opportunities
    • Adequate living expenses which usually can be covered through student work
    • High levels of security and social well-being
    • Job seeking visa opportunity after graduation
    • Full-time or part-time job permit for the applicant’s spouse
    • Part-time job opportunities during the study
    • No requirement for GRE and GMAT score

Colleges and Boarding Schools Admission

ARIKA has valuable access and collaboration with a network of reputable colleges, boarding schools, and language schools in Europe, Canada, Australia, and the US.  Our applicants have the opportunity of studying at schools and then continue their education at colleges and universities.
Some of the essential characteristics of this education method are:

  • No requirement for attending the entrance exam
  • Familiarity with the destination country’s culture and lifestyle, as one of the critical points for success in study, residence, and employment.
  • Proficiency in the local language as a critical success factor for finding a proper job after graduation
  • The opportunity  of pursuing higher education at leading private or public universities

In this way, applicants can apply for degree courses to pursue their studies in the desired country after getting the high school diploma or even in the final years of high school.


Value-Added Services

One of the main concerns of those interested in continuing education abroad is the timely availability of visas and attending college. Failure to act timely and sometimes not being familiar with the procedures available for successful attendance in interview sessions and the lack of knowledge of the relevant administrative procedures could lead to rejection of the applicant’s application for a visa. With the cooperation of experienced ARIKA’s local partners and lawyers, we are prepared to provide students with student visa counseling and support.

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