ARIKA GROUP’s primary core was formed in 2009 with the establishment of ARIKA CO.  in Tehran. The company activities were initiated by providing business consulting services, later on, and in line with the development of meaningful relations with active and reputable German organizations, ARIKA was granted the authority to represent several credible universities and colleges of this country. Along with the economic changes ARIKA Co. having established branches in Germany and Oman, namely ‘ARIKA GmbH’ and ‘ARIKA international’, and after obtaining the required permits from the competent authorities, initiated its official activities in the field of student recruitment, company registration, and job placement.

Successful experiences of ARIKA group in the fields of supporting startup initiators, student and jobseekers and freelancers along with having the representation of WÜLARU GmbH and its particular executive potentials, paved the way for being granted the body of international job placement by the Iranian ministry of cooperatives, labor and social welfare, with the name “Iran/Europe Employment (IEE)”. Moreover, this ministry gave ARIKA the license for the establishment of “the Office of Support and Guidance of Iranian Workforce in Germany (FUIA)”.


Arika representing credible universities and job placement organization of Germany and having close contact with professional German law firms offers a wide range of services in the fields of: job placement, student recruitment, visa services, residence consultancy, training, Investment consulting and establishing small to medium-sized businesses in Germany, Oman and Iran for the esteemed clients.

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