The development of ARIKA’s cooperation with the educational institutions and credible universities, on the one hand, and the demand for ARIKA’s presence in the field of training services, on the other hand, has led us to pursue the provision of human resources training and empowerment services. This area of ​​service is presented in the form of the following sections to the applicants:

language training

The need for English language proficiency for students of MBA or other academic degrees in Germany, as well as the key role of German language for job seekers or residents, has always been a serious challenge to applicants who wish to work, study or reside in Germany. For this reason, the ARIKA’s Department of Education, in collaboration with its partner institutes, provides language training services. Other services provided by us in the field of foreign language training are conducting summer language training camps in Germany.

Vocational training

One of the advantages of Germany is the possibility of job placement and obtaining a work visa for the non-academic workforce. This group of applicants must, in addition to German language proficiency, adapt their skills to the same standards and requirements of skills in Germany. For this purpose, ARIKA group has been using the office capacities and the coordination with the country’s technical and vocational training organizations to develop the esteemed applicant’s required skills for the German market.

Deploying lecturers and specialists

Exchanging knowledge and experience between developed and developing countries has always been one of the concerns of ARIKA Group. Accordingly, ARIKA pursues the development of partnerships with universities and scientific institutions to develop a groundwork for mutual collaboration in the field of science and technology, and deploy professionals for providing specialized courses or conferences for transferring knowledge and technology to developing countries.

Training collaboration and conducting joint programs

Another service of ARIKA is to create synergy between the German scientific and educational centers with other countries. For this reason, ARIKA has been able to cooperate with some accredited training institutes and credible German universities to introduce academic and non-academic joint programs (online and on-campus) for applicants. In this way, it is possible that the course will be held fully in the form of E-learning in the country of origin, or part of the course in the country of origin and another part on the campus in Germany.